Airport Security

All our battery can be taken with you as part of your hand-luggage, when traveling by plane. Our lithium polymer battery banks have gone through the strictest airport security checks in the US, China, Israel and Europe among others.

Can I charge multiple devices at the same time?

Yes you can. With our Tesbank 20K you can charge two devices at the same as it has two output ports. With Tesbank 12K you can charge even three devices at the same time as it has three output ports. However, keep in mind that when charging multiple devices at the same time, your Tesbank will run out of power faster than if charging only device.

Charging an iPhone/iPad

You can charge your iPhone and iPad with all our battery banks. However, please remember that iPhone 5 uses a special adaptor that can be bought separately. You can of course use your original USB cables that come with your phone/tablet.

Can I charge my laptop/Mac?

With Tesbank 20K you can charge your laptop and other small electronics. Battery bank comes with laptop adapters that are suitable for most common laptops (with the exception of Macs).

Mac users will need to use a car cigarette charger, which can be purchased separately.

How long does it take to charge my phone?

All phones are different and vary considerably in terms of their battery capacity. For this reason, the charging times vary depending on your phone model. 

As a general rule, it will take the same time to charge your phone with our battery bank as it would take to charge with the original charger.

How long does it take to charge my battery bank from the sun?

Here is a table showing you the charging times for our battery banks. Please remember that these charging times are approximate and can vary depending on the weather conditions.

7W 8W 9.5W With AC Charger
20k Battery Bank 11h 12h 13h



Charging a camera/video camera

In order to charge your camera with our battery banks, you will need to have a universal battery charger, which can be connected to our battery bank. With the universal battery charger you can charge pretty much all cameras/video cameras. Charger can be bought separately.

How waterproof are Tespack products?

All our solar panels are waterproof. They have been tested in all weather conditions around the globe, so you can be assured that water, snow or rain will not affect their performance.

As with our Tesbank 12K and Tesbank 20K, you will want to keep them dry and safe as you would do with your mobile phone. However, our Mini battery bank is water proof, shock proof and dust proof.

What does the charge indicator mean?

Charge indicator tells you how much battery life you have left on your Tesbank.

1 LED light equals around 5-24%, 2 LED lights equal around25-49%, 3 LED lights equal 50-74%, and 4 LED lights equal75-100%.

Compatibility between our battery banks and solar panels

All our solar panels are compatible with any of our battery banks.