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42W Solar Panel

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The 42W foldable Solar Panel has been specifically designed to fit into any equipment bag and for those who need that extra power, with no way to recharge. Providing enough energy to solar charge devices as fast as from the wall, includes 2 USB and 1 DC port allows you to recharge your Tespack 20K while working. The Solar panels have been created with the highest efficiency in the market, using 22% - ensuring the best performance.

Create Mobile Stations:
Create more energy by joining Indomitum’s 42W solar panels to create a mobile power station on the go as you can join more solar panels to create more energy. Tespack utilizes the highest efficiency in the market to date! In comparison with other solar panels where they use between 12-16%, we use 22%. That means higher quality solar panels to charge all your devices.

Note: To power laptops purchase your Tespack 20K power bank.

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42W Solar Panel
Folded: 470 x 280 x 30mm
Unfolded: 470 x 1120 x 6mm
Weight: 600g
DC Output: 19V/4A (MAX)
Incorporated USB ports: 2 USB ports & 1 DC port

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