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80W Solar Panel

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Foldable 80W rigid solar panel provides more power to charge bigger devices and in the worst weather conditions. Recharge your devices as fast as from the wall socket with the sun! Easy to use Plug & Charge.
Incorporated USB ports: 2 USB ports & 1 DC port

Compact & Light
Simply fold and store into an equipment bag or can be easily carried.
Although it has a lot of power, it isn’t compromising in size, Ultralight: only weighing 1,3kg.

Create Mobile Stations
Create more energy by joining Tespack’s 80W solar panels to create a mobile power station on the go. Tespack utilizes the highest efficiency in the market to date! In comparison with other solar panels where they use between 12-16%, we use 22%. That means smaller & lighter solar panels to charge all your devices.

Note: To power laptops purchase your Tespack 20K power bank.

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80W Solar Panel
Folded: 42cm (H) x 28.5cm (L) x 4cm (Panel 2cm + box 2cm) (W)
Unfolded: 42cm (H) x 132cm (L) x 2,5 cm (Panel 0.5 cm + box 2cm) (W)
DC Output: 24V/5A (MAX)
Weight: 1.30Kg
Incorporated USB ports: 2 USB ports & 1 DC port

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